Thursday, January 27, 2011

Variegated Rose: detail

I am working on several paintings for my gallery.  Lots to get done for February and March. While one is drying another is being started. Most of the paintings are 12 x 12 or larger. This is a detail from one that is almost finished, that presents in a long rectangular format - 8w x 24h.  You can see bits of the others in this crop. It is a nice change from the 6x6 dogs and fruit of late, although I may paint a small version and perhaps a larger one, Georgia O' Keefe style. I have never done a really large single flower.
I love the challenge roses present and the more I paint them in any of their states, the more of them I want to paint! But, they die so quickly, especially in winter. I bought myself a dozen on Monday from Fresh Market. There were 4 variations in the bunch.
Many did not open at all but stayed shut and lopped over.
Hmmm. Frozen stiff? Only one opened all the way but not as nice a one as from a garden plant. Gotta make do though with what I have.
If you are interested in learning from a realist master, get your painterly fingers on the flower painting video of Michael Klein.
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