Friday, March 18, 2011

Plein air Landscape:Creekview

My Creek Afternoon©2011C.L.Burgess oil on masonite 12 x 9

A departure from the faces and flowers today. It was 80 degrees today and I spent most of it gardening. As I looked up from the ground I was invigorated by the patterns surrounding me. 
I ran up to get my paints and easel and brought them down to the creek running through my property. I spent an incredibly peaceful 2 hours, intently watching the water pass over rockbed and brach shadows from the escarpment on the far side. I threw cares to the wind and just began furiously mixing paint to try and match values before me and lay them down with vigor and deliberance. Warm, cool, dark, light, just one stroke, I kept saying to myself. How much information is necessary to convey this?
Swatting the gnats from my face, I stepped aside and said is done. Packing my gear and walking up to the house, I felt satisfied and so happy to be able to do this today. It has been way to long since I have painted outside.
The colors are quite saturated as the light around me and my easel was not covered with much shade, so that is why one tends to do dark studies, I found. But I still am happy with the effort.
I will have to try it again. And bring a sun umbrella. And some bug spray.
Have a great weekend.
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