Thursday, May 26, 2011

Food: Still life with Sausage

Sausage, Pepper and Onion©2011C.L.Burgess 10 x 10 oil on linen

The sausage was the challenge. Before I began to cook this delicious dinner, it occurred to me that I had never painted "sausage", ah, another excuse to explore a new red. I was reading about the introduction of the still life as genre in the 1600 by the Dutch. The French artist Chardin first influenced my exploration of this subject matter long ago, but clearly the Dutch painters were responsible for the growth and interest in the still life. Often containing symbolism about the transience nature of existence, later the genre really just spoke to commonplace everyday existence and the artist's interest in the shapes, color and forms of the objects in a given household.
I tried to mimic the realist style of the masters, directing the emergence of these forms from the subtle toned background. It is a painting that exalts the humble kitchen and meal still prepared in the 21st century much as it did in Chardin's time. This took more time to render than a usual daily painting that I do. This is indirect painting, building form from successive glazing over a tonal under painting.
Ok.... time to eat.
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