Monday, June 20, 2011

Landscape in oil: A Teton June

A Teton June©2011 C.L.Burgess 6x8 oil on paper

I have been wanting to see Jackson, Wyoming for some time and finally did this June. This small sketch is of a view of the Grand Teton Range from a boat on Jenny Lake. Yes, the mountains do just rise like that from a plain. The lake is glacial water. The snow is still on the mountain in June! This year I think they had about 720 inches. The water  is about 38 degrees F rarely reaching 65 on a sunny summer day, and that only at the top level of the water.
There will be more paintings based on this trip. No doubt about that. The challenge will be  to create some larger pieces.
I got to see some more western art by artists I've admired and some new to me. I visited Museums and galleries with just the best fine art of the Western genre. I will write more on that, too.
Oh, yes, I also met my blogger friend Gary Keimig, his wife Vicki and his gallery partner, Tom Lucas as I passed through his town of Dubois, Wyoming. Two most very charming men and skillful, prolific painters among the work on display at their Silver Sage Gallery are with me in the photo below.
Till next time....
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