Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rural Landscape: Road to Eden

Road to Eden©2011 C.L.Burgess 10 x 12 oil oil on linen

There is an interesting article on  the NPR blog today about the sky, specifically the stars and it poses the question "Where is now?" How about that for a conundrum? There are days when our brains can grapple with these large scientific/physics, astronomy/metaphysics questions and there those days when you just want to "be", live in the now, not having to worry about where it is. I leave those questions with the "where is  that other sock?" in the dryer, if you are with me on this.
So take a trip with me.

When driving out west, one can go for too many miles before you see what looks like civilization. At least that is what this former Brooklyn gal has observed on her recent sojourns. It was my turn to drive, so after I cranked up the Eagles on my ipod, I set out along highway 287North in the general direction of the Grand Tetons.

I was enjoying my low wide horizon, barren of vegetation and people (this is Wyoming) belting out the tunes,  at the top of my lungs, with THE band.  All of a sudden( it seemed to me anyway), my plein air sensiblities were alerted to two farms that appeared on either side of the road. It was one of those perfect setups, but I only had time to stop and take photos, while my sidekick of 40 years was snoring away oblivious to the grandeur around us. I found a wide enough driveway in which to pull the truck and take some panoramas. He thought it was lunchtime, natch. Well...it almost was, this small diversion. I still had about 2 hours to go..
or 11/2 CD  worth of Long Road from Eden, (my quirky way of marking the hours on a long car trip. Or to quote another notable band, "does anyone really care about time?")

There is a town along the route called Eden just before you get to Pinedale which is the town before you go through the mountains to get to Jackson, WYO) So, reminiscing as I finished the last strokes of this farmland painting the other day, I christened it with that in mind and the Eagles still strumming in the background.
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