Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Western USA Landscape: From A Distance

From a Distance©2011C.L.Burgess 8x10 oil on linen panel $350

In this land there is a goodness in spite of all the nonsense around us. When out West, I am always left in awe of the vast space and the quiet power it yields.
I am exploring palette knife studies to address scale and texture and atmosphere before moving on up to the larger canvas.
While working at close detail with a pencil portrait comission today, I needed a break. So, I took a small canvas out and revisited my trip out west. This small rendering still took a long time to do with all the scraping down and replenishing I had to do to convey a big idea on a small space with as little detail as possible. But the paint play relieved the tedium of graphite.
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