Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aftershock: a Not so "Still" life with Orange by Virginia Fine Artist Cathyann Burgess

Orange with Palette and Glass©2011 C.L.Burgess 12 x 16 oil on linen $650

"Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow." --Kandinsky

What an exciting day it was yesterday!
Well, the rock n' roll of yesterday's earthquake has passed. My easel and I are  still standing, no drips or spill of oms on the floor. So, I thought that a segue from nature's geology lesson to a nature morte might be in order. In need of some semblance of control, what could be better than organizing a still life? 
Art is good for the soul and the nerves. This is the stuff of my days as a painter. I painted an orange for the first time in college and my  mom still has it. Next to red, orange is a most challenging color to articulate. Of course, when painting orange you so need some blue to relieve your eyes and also enhance the orange. The glass provided yet another interpretation of the color orange in its reflection. 
Not to forget the fiesta ware and its complexity.
Orange: big delight in a little tube.

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