Thursday, February 09, 2012

Trains and planes this time.

Glenda©2012 C.L.Burgess   portrait of a dog  oil on panel 8x8

My husband and I spent the day in the rain in Wash DC yesterday after a quick and pleasant ride up on Amtrak from Richmond.  Part of the time was spent taking the Metro back and forth between our hotel and the two museums chosen for our visit. Doing this we walked about 8 miles or so we figured. Metro is about 30 years old and under renovation.

I must have looked worn out, because upon arriving at the ticket window, I was given a seniors discount at a Museum without asking!  Harrumph!!!I am not yet an official senior in dollar terms! However, who can resist a deal? I kept quiet.
We saw a show about "the Hoard" at the National Geograpic Museum to which I had not yet been. It was incredible, this find. Not only the Museum, but the actual Staffordshire Hoard. It was about a Dark Ages treasure, found on a farm in England in 2009, by a guy with one of those metallic thingys you see people using on a beach to find stuff. His name is Terry Herbert. He is a rich man now. He didn't keep the hoard but he and the farmer who let him "mine" his farm got to split the cash(about 3.2 plus mil British pounds) paid by a museum. You can find out more online but wiki doesn't even credit the guy!!

We then took yet another train, after walking in the rain, to the Phillips Collection.
We saw a show there called Snapshot, featuring the works of 7 prominent artists, some of the group called Nabis, and how photography influenced them. I found a new artist to investigate named George Hendrik Breitner, whose Girl in the Red Kimono, was stunning. does the dog portrait painting, Glenda, have to do with this post?
One, I find it hard to draw or paint while moving. I painted her, a New Orleans rescue dog, three days ago. Again, you can see my play with palette knife and brush.
And two, as I write this, I am on yet another Amtrak train called the Vermonter on the way to Stowe,VT to the wedding of Glenda's owners. Brrrrrr.
I took this photo of my home, NYC, from the train on a bridge in Queens, just to prove it.

I keep humming  Guthrie's City of New Orleans, as we pass behind and through mid-atlantic to north-east states, marveling at the extraordinary ordinary of travel, even in post 911 times, and the trust we place in those who provide all the attendant services.

Thank you all my readers, friends and followers for your continued presence and comments. It is what truly keeps me going....
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