Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Golf View and Hole in One!

Ninth Hole at Stonehenge GC©2012 C.L.Burgess oil on panel 6x8 was just gorgeous today and our "winter warrior" group that plays golf year round got together to play. I took my camera along planning to get some shots for painting references. I got some neat shots of falcons dancing in the sky above us. Then some shots of the not so green yet fairways.
We only play nine holes and I was looking forward to drinks and chatter at the clubhouse before heading home. When, Oh my gosh.....
I GOT A HOLE IN ONE on the ninth and last hole at 3:14 p.m. on 3- 14- 12! I used my driver and drove 125 yards right into that cup in the back of the green with the flag still in it!!! Notice I used a neon orange ball. Aging does that to you.
Of course, I was surprsied and happy, so my friends took a photo of me. They suspiciously wondered why I had the camera but HONESTLY, I did not know this was possible or likely. So after buying drinks for all, and enjoying their tickled responses to my accomplishment(?) I came home and painted THE hole. Palette knife and brush.
All sorts of funny things came to mind, as I sat celebrating with the others. The foremost was an episode of Modern Family, where the grandpa had been called ACE for getting a hole in one that really did not happen.( will they call me that???I wondered) Then the movie Tin Cup ( crummy player, I used to be). Then the fact that the past season, I got the award for good naturedness in adversity, when I got on a par three in two strokes and proceeded to putt 7 for a 9 and laughed MAO( so did everyone else).
But my eldest son, the cynic and jokester said it best: this was a true sign of the apocalypse. Really, funny guy?

But hey... can you tell I had a good day? Life is good.
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