Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fresh as.... A Floral Still Life by Virginia Fine Artist Cathyann Burgess

Fresh As..©2012C.l.Burgess oil on raymar panel linen 8x6

OK...when your ceiling fills with water, threatening to collapse, after getting the plumbing "fixed", you can scream bloody hard and loud at your plumber, husband and anyone within ten feet of you, or you can run into your studio and escape.
Guess what I did?

All's well now, and while not as fresh as a daisy in my great room, it is at least dry.
But a break from dogs today, huh?

But they will be back!

Promised to give some awards yesterday but got instead of 10 there will be, to a lady from Brooklyn, NY, who makes me giggle and smile as she does many others, with her commentary on my old stomping grounds...drum roll, please...
Lovely Blog awards go to Carol King
and number two, to Patricia Scarborough, whose blog also is filled with wit, wisdom and wonderful impressionist paintings!
Please visit them for some delightful moments!
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