Monday, June 25, 2012

Sleepyhead : Yorkie Portrait #2 by Virginia Fine Artist Cathyann Burgess

Sleepyhead©2012 C.L.Burgess 9x 12 oil on canvas panel

This is a painting of the late, great, lovable studio mate, Madden. He is perched on the back of a chair, as was his liking.
I had made a small one for us when Maddie was still alive, but after doing the other dogs, I could feel his spirit speak to me and say "What?! Am I chopped liver? Forget me already????" So, I summoned my resolve not to have a crying jag as I painted and began. I, actually, was happy doing this. This is so him. Then I got cracking on framing and packaging the images to post off to Maryland.
Well, I finished mailing all the portraits for the show in Dorchester, MD today just after noon. Phew! Now I can relax, me thinks. But no..ooooo...
I got home in time to experience a Tornado "event" in Richmond.  Scary stuff... this was a surprise for even the weather people! We are on generators again! Luckily, our part of town escaped damaged homes. not so in the Fan and Church Hill. We lost more limbs out back, but our trees are still upright. 
It is all relative.

I  woke up yesterday, to find that I had been awarded a blog recognition by a new friend, KEVIN LOUD, PROUD PAPA OF "MURPHY" from my post here last week. I promised Kevin that on my next post I would include the award he so kindly gave me. It is the Lovely Blog Award as shown:
as a result, I must do the following:

  • Thank the nominator and link to his/her site.  Done.
  • Share seven things about myself.  Give me a few moments to focus, please. It has been an exhausting day!
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers, let them know, and then link to their site from your own. (Might have to start a new trend with this one! Post of the 10 will come at another day! I need the time to ponder.)

  • Here are seven random things to share about moi.

    1. Things I hate and fear: violent weather mostly and  cockroaches.
    2. Things I love: dogs, reading, watching birds and painting people, animals and flowers.
    3. My favorite indulgences are Cracker Jacks,Chocolate truffles, Cosmopolitans with cheese and crackers, and an occasional egg cream soda.
    4. I love to dance. Sometimes, even alone , while I paint in my studio. The Temptations  are the temptation.
    5. I enjoy paintings depicting the west and all associated with it. Two favorite contemporary painters in this genre are Clyde Aspevig and Bill Anton
    6. Anyone who makes me laugh hard  wins my affection pretty easily.
    7.  Giggling with my grandchildren makes me smile a whole bunch afterwords.
     Coming on Wednesday: the new  Lovely Blog-gers will get their award!
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