Friday, July 20, 2012

Peter's Rose : A Floral Still Life by Virginia Fine Artist Cathyann Burgess

Peter's Rose©2012C.L.Burgess  8x6 oil on panel

My friend and neighbor Peter, a native Brit, is a medical doctor, in whom I have come to entrust my care after my insidious bouts with hornets. He is also a birder, dog lover and avid gardener who loves art. So much so, that he even made a trip to see my pooch art in MD while he was there for his daughter's wedding last week!
Whenever Peter visits us, or just if the mood strikes he brings flowers from his garden. This is one of the most delicate little roses I have ever been given. The last painting I did of peonies, was a gift from Peter. Which I promptly returned in kind, by painting a small impromtu alla prima painting for him. I think someday I may have to publish a book of the paintings I do from his lovely gifts. The generosity in spirit of giving flowers to enjoy is always graciously and happily received by this artist.
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