Monday, September 17, 2012

A Still Life with Antique Doll:(Never Gone, just slowing down....for good measure.)

Antique Corner Light©2012 C.L.Burgess oil on canvas 16x12

I had a friend of mine recently inquire if I was OK, since I had not had a painting posted online for about a month. I am  so glad to have been missed! And sad to have caused concern for my well being.
It made me think to myself,  I sure do hope that more than one of you out there did in fact miss me just a teeny bit. After all, I miss my favorites when they don't post as often as I would love to see their work.

But see, we are working. We look, we think, we research, we practice. We are painting. Many of us daily. But once we are painting, it is so hard to break the flow. And then, there is daily life that creeps in there too, to pry us from our canvas and brushes when we least expect it.
One reason I have been remiss.
Then there are commissions to work on. Another of my excuses.
And then there are the clumsy, inadvertent falls, sore limbs and swollen feet that render the artist a couch potato for a few days.
Third excuse.

Not long ago, an artist friend online explained why she was taking a break from posting daily. I am in her camp so to speak, generally. In fact I have witnessed not a few of the people I visit, also slow down in the daily posting. I also noticed how many of us have moved to Facebook to increase viewers and/or clients. If one doesn't provide the ever present visuals, one runs the risk of losing the viewer's attention.

I am not certain that this is helpful to an artist's existence for one and the resulting painting, sculpture  etc., additionally.

 To post just for the sake of posting daily has become a thorn in my daily painting garden. Let's face it....not all of us produce something really jaw dropping all the time. OH, but we must market! that little voice screams.
You know.... that is NOT the reason many of us paint, I answer back silently.(No, I am not schizophrenic)
Sure, we would love to have people enjoy our work enough to want to own it.
However, I have come to a point in my productive life that I would much rather deliver a better image, even at the risk of losing a few daily lookers. I figure, if you come to see and have liked it enough to book mark, there is plenty there to view again while you are waiting. I appreciate the people far and wide who do come.
I like it even more, when you take the time to tell me something about why you stopped to look. I get to know you and that is a good thing.

So, there is my apologia for the intentional absence.

And oh yes,  I present a still life that took a bit more that an hour or two to complete.
Hope you enjoy...and stick with me.
And if you want to purchase, pop an email over and I promise I will answer. -:)
Till next time.....

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