Friday, September 21, 2012

Figurative Friday 0912 :short tutorial, Male Figure in Graphite WIP

graphite 16x18

So this is what I have been doing this week...back to drawing the figure. Actually I have been drawing a whole bunch of late, but I thought that another WIP was in order, since I made such a to do about not posting, everyday, a finished piece.

Drawing from life is all at once exhilarating and exhausting. I love it.

For those interested in drawing in general or about the process, it went like this.

I was at an open session where we hire a model. Each of the poses lasted about 20 minutes, all in about 2 1/2 hours. Each of the poses was different. For those of you who do this, you know that this is not easy by any long shot. But it does keep that brain on alert.
Paper, pencil, courage and focus is all you need. Notice I did not mention eraser? You do not have time!

I did not photograph the first 20 minutes of the model Rick below. But I have another pose, above, to give you an idea of how much you can plan in a 20 minute segment, if your drawing is about 16x20 or so.
Basic, general to specific, notice the geometry of it, mostly angles.

The next sequence is of the same model holding a guitar. Since I am mostly moved by expression in the face and had only 20 minutes that is where my focus went. The closeups is to show detail and pattern of my drawing. Only addtional tools used were a paper stump, chamois and kneaded eraser.

I worked on the drawing maybe an additional 3-4 hours on the block out to get as far as I got. At home, from memory.
 Slowly, with repetetive strokes, mostly soft pencils B, 3B, 6b and HB and a white conte. Grey paper was a mid tone in the lights The lighting was fairly dramatic
(We do not photograph our nude models, even for reference.)
I could probably develop it some more, but will not at this time. I learned what I needed to, off to more looking and practice. I have                                                                                                                       enough information at hand now, to paint him or draw him again       with color.

But sometimes a drawing is as satisfying to engage with as a painting.

For artists I recommend:

Some fabulous drawing books, DVDs by these artists:

Juliette Aristedes

Rob Liberace

Jon Kassan

Ted Seth Jacobs

Youtube is ok, but those speed drawing ones leaving me reeling rather than sated, how about you?

Hope the images and post were informative.
Have a great weekend!

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