Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Riverside Light©2008C.L.Burgess 24 x 36 Collection of the artist

This path along the  James river is a block from my home. I walk it alone and sometimes with my husband or relatives who visit us.
Most often it  brings moments of peaceful contemplation and thankfulness for being alive amidst natural wonder within a city.
But today it brings to mind, another early morning, early in fall, on a crisp clear day when with students in my classroom, I watched the world I knew cascade in destruction on September 11, 2001.

Today, I will not review the horrors on the flat screen. I don't think I can even look at a newspaper.
The images are already indelibly etched in my mind's eye. We each have a similar picture of where we were when it occurred.
I paid tribute at the Marine Museum at Quantico two weekends ago instead. I wept as I passed through a visual timeline of wall clocks one would find in any office or school that illustrated minute by minutes the horror and responses that took place that day. I ran my hands along a steel I-beam and concrete garnered from ground zero. I listened to a fellow recount the conversation with his brother as he witnessed a plane strike the skyscraper in front of him. I read the numerous pages recounting the experiences of others for well over an hour before I had to depart.

Instead, I will remember my dad proudly showing me throughout the Towers he worked in from top to bottom  and  how I marveled at the machines he oversaw that ran those towers, in the bowels of the magnificent buildings in lower Manhattan. I am glad that he passed 5 years before the tragedy that befell my city and our people and our country. I want to remember something good.

I want to also share through the eyes of fellow blogger, New Yorker and gardener, Kevin a post I found most eloquent and poignant and a greater tribute than I could offer herein.

Take this day and live. Take this day and remember. Take this day to honor those who died, who survived, who responded and served and those who have since sacrificed so that we could be here today. Take nothing for granted.

Today I will remember.

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