Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Sunday Light and My Fifteen Minutes of Fame

                                   Winter Sunday Light©C.L.Burgess 8x6 oil on wood panel

Wow...been over a month without posting...sorry..but tis the season of distraction from the studio.

The last time I came in to my studio paint was the day of the Connecticut massacre. As many of us, I was struck dumb and bereft of any good feelings and tidings of joy.
For much too long, I did rote activities in my kitchen and basement and spare room.
After the sadness started to turn into anger, I did what I usually do and take action.
I began thinking of how art is such a force for the positive in my life. It will be there to help me understand. My desire returned to paint on canvas or wood, since I had been painting interior walls, which is far less interesting although a somewhat satisfying endeavor.

The "light" came to me this afternoon looking out from my seat at the table. It was just mesmerizing enough to get me off my duff to grab the palette and "just do it".  This little tableau is part of the forest behind my home and far enough away that things are blurry enough to give me some abstract shapes to work from quickly so I just get down what appeals to me. There were so many shapes in so many colorsand the moment so alive, that this portion just jumped onto my canvas. The light came and went fast. And so went my hands with knife and brush and paint.

It feels good to paint again. And to post.

oh... I almost forgot....the 15 minutes of fame thingy.

I was interviewed last month for a spread on local art and artists in a free newspaper in town called Fifty Plus. It was a very pleasant experience to be asked about my life and work.
For those of you in the Richmond area, it is in the January issue, now on the stands. For others here is a link but without any of the images of my work.

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