Friday, March 08, 2013

Daffodils and Pears by Virginia Fine Artist Cathyann Burgess

Spring Promises, Revisited©2013 C.L.Burgess 12 x 16 oil on raymar linen panel

After reading Making a Mark blog and entering the name this painting contest, I just had to paint some flowers. The contest used an image from the prolifigate Henri Fantin Latour. He is someone I have long admired. I was one of a few people to get all the answers correct after a hunt for more info online. It was fun and I may play again. I love Art history and researching almost as much as painting.

Color, Texture and Light ......this is a "facelift" of an older work that needed it. I am using more palette knife than brush here, because it is an easier load for paint and allows me some serendipity with strokes. Ten years ago, I was doing a bit of this in my figurative work.

Guess it it true that artists keep working on the same themes/ideas all of their painting life.

I had sanded this down, painted the pears, scrubbed them down again, then redid the whole image with the palette knife and impressionist color. Will do a segment of it, brand new, diffierent composition soon no doubt.

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