Monday, May 06, 2013

Shades of Shinnecock by Virginia Fine Artist Cathyann Burgess

Shinnecock Inlet Contemplation ©C.L.Burgess 8x 18 oil on wood panel  private collection

Long ago I was given a black and white photo of a day trip to this far end location on Long Island, near the Hamptons, to paint for my mother as a remembrance of a time/place, she and my dad used to frequent after we girls left home and married.
Dad loved to go deep sea fishing and loved the sea in general, being a Meditteranean islander. This was a favorite spot for him in his retirement.
We three returned to this site the week before he passed and I remember it well and will always. It was one good day.
We listened to Mahler's symphony #9  on the drive home and he thanked me for introducing that music to him. He loved classical music and art.
Mahler's score will always bring that trip with him to mind. It is very moving and energetic; both turbulent and gentle, which for me, sums my dad's personality up.
So, when asked to bring my hand to describe in color, the photo, I thought of the complexity and changeablity of moods. How might I best convey this thought?
How the sea and sky are inseparable, embodying that dynamism, complexity and power.
As does the human soul, and how sometimes, words just cannot convey what lies in the heart well enough...but can be articulated through music and paint.

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