Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hoarding your artwork and Peonies in a Blue Jar by Virginia Fine Artist Cathyann Burgess

Peonies in a Blue Jar©2013C.L.Burgesss 10x8  plein air painting

I love to paint.
I love peonies.
I love painting peonies.

I really need to count how many small paintings of peonies I may have laying around waiting for revisiting. And refurbishing.

You know what that is, right? is the bad painting that you just can't throw see something worth saving. Sounds sort of like hoarding? Hmm? Yup, again.

Do you have a shoebox full of old 6x6 panels or more than two boxes of them just waiting for attention?
OK, is time for some serious reflection on ridding yourself of these little time stealers...They are!
If you find yourself day dreaming of how you can fix them, day after day, then that is a clue that you are really procrastinating. I have been there. I know this firsthand.
Trust me! must be ruthless. Get that belt sander out and go to it! The only worthwhile refurbishing to do is to make that surface empty again.
I have found it such a satisfying thing to do when I am lost as to what to paint next.

It will free you up for some much needed NEW experiences with paint. And it will give you some surfaces to use without having to buy more. Thrift and getting rid of debris simultaneously, as well as the thrill of a power tool!
Who can ask for more?
Good luck and happy painting....(and get ready to join Leslie Saeta with her 30 paintings in 30 days challenge in September.)

The painting above is for sale and will be coming with me to my next show over labor day weekend in Irvington, VA. at the Tides Inn.

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