Monday, September 30, 2013

30 in 30 Challenge day 30 Yay! The finish line! Bluejay

Bluejay©2013 C.L.Burgess acrylic on paper 6x7 $100

Reached the finish line! As my sister put it to me, ahhh, So many birds, so little time! 
The month ' flew by ' with this attention to my feathered friends.

I am happy that I was able to complete the challenge. It helped me to organize my time, to maintain focus and to stimulate ideas for further painting. 
I especially enjoyed water media for a change and the speed of execution and drying time. There is a freedom of performance when one is not afraid of "ruining" materials and also eliminating unnecessary details.
I have got to keep that my mantra as I return to oil painting.

Thank you all for attending my daily posts here and on FB!

Stay tuned for more work with a bit more time between posts. I have several commissions to complete and will post as they are done.
Till next time! Welcome the fall season and begin to notice the beautifully subtle daily changes in your environment. Peace.
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