Sunday, September 08, 2013

#8 30 in 30 Tufted Titmouse on Branch by Virginia Fine Artist Cathyann Burgess

Tufted Titmouse ©2013 C.L.Burgess 5x7 acrylic on handmade paper $100

So , here we are at day eight in the challenge and I am taking an oil break, working with a bit more detail and swiftness using my acrylics and handmade textured paper.

The paper is primed with acrylic gel medium which is transparent and lets the paper quality show through. I primed both sides for durability and the piece will come matted in off white. The flecks in the paper are natural flowers and fibers.

This fluffy guy was perched on my adirondack chair but I pretended he was on a branch.
The titmouse male, unlike some of the other birds, is indistinguishable from the female.
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