Thursday, October 24, 2013

'High Hopes' Ram by Cathyann Burgess

Ram 2©2013 C.L.Burgess 16 x 16 oil on cradled wood 

"Once there was a silly old Ram, thought he'd make a hole in the dam....Everyone knows a Ram can't put a hole in a dam BUT
he's got high hopes...."

Remember that song anyone? Don't want to date yourself?
I loved that song as a child and still do and I hummed it as I painted this guy, which was taken from a resource that a fellow blogger Gary Keimig provided a while back in his wilderness challenge.

This Ram has been redone with more verve in strokes of paint with a palette knife and knowledge of color from the time  in 2010 when I did a small painting demo here:

In the past paintings I hold onto because I want to see my growth, there was a hesitancy that no longer exists and to me, that means more energy gets infused into the subject matter. This all speaks to the viewer. I think daily practice has informed me to the point where I post more thoughtful work now than when I began. Not just post for the sake of posting. To pick up the brush and knife each day is a routine I embrace. So much so that when I do not paint I get grumpy!
It is that habit which I found beneficial as a result of participating in the challenge.

I am writing these thoughts in response to an ongoing conversation at this site called the Art Room  by blogger Taryn Day,which I came upon recently and enjoy very much.
She has a button on her sidebar that you can click to join into the discussion of the Daily Painting movement.
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