Monday, December 09, 2013

Hand Painted Ornaments by Cathyann Burgess and A Christmas Dream

Warming up to the idea that the season of light and joy and hope is upon us, I tried to watch the lighting of the Christmas tree in New York City the other night and was disappointed with this year's entertainment. Must be showing signs of age, but I really was pining away for some music from my childhood. Not  Gaga or the Goo Goo Girls.
I favor the crooners, among which Perry Como, is a favorite of mine. He always put  smile on my face. My beloved grandmother used to love Perry Como and many a night I sat with her and enjoyed him.
I posted this song I found on You tube you might enjoy, too.

I also got into the mood, painting my birdies on some  finished metal pieces I found, with acrylic and they turned into the delightful example above. They are 5inch round or 3x5 ovals. I am selling them for $20 each, and I only have 15 left (!) as when I took them out for market research, they began to sell.  They really could be hung all year long, actually. But they could make a nice last minute hostess gift for the holiday, too. Here is one example and I will post two each day until  I am done.
If you would like to purchase, send me an email and I will send you a paypal bill. It is really that simple. Free shipping, too.
You can see my display tree to the left.

My Christmas Dream for you, all my friend, followers, collectors and family is to have a very happy, healthy, warm Christmas and new year 2014!

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