Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Considering Values and a Snowy Landscape by Cathyann Burgess

Snow Day ©2014C.L.Burgess 9x 12 oil on canvas panel

Recently a friend of mine, who, imho is an excellent painter, was criticized on line in Pinterest by way of her work pinned under something entitled poor use of values. It has been removed after being addressed by the artist privately via email to the offender. 
When my friend posed the question on FB, many of us rallied to her side.
 It is not so much that we are averse to having our work addressed, as it is the way in which we have come to believe that free speech via the Internet or otherwise permits our "poor use of values"regarding our human interaction and common courtesy. When and are we ever going to start recognizing once more basic human compassion? There are forums for all sorts of criticism concerning artistic performance. As I understand it, Pinterest is a place for most things that people enjoy and want to share. 
But apparently it also has been sullied by the careless and ignorant.
My two cents worth anyway.

On a related note…values are an important visual component to successful image making. One way of checking out your performance before you post, might be to try looking at your work through fresh eyes via the assorted available software provided by your camera and the computer.
How many of us do this regularly, I wonder. It is such a useful tool.
I use my recent plein air work above as an example. So simple.

Consider the value of time expended doing this one little check. Hmmm. 
Consider before criticizing.

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