Monday, January 27, 2014

Painting Flowers and the Grammys by Cathyann Burgess

A Gardener's Blues©2014 C.L.Burgess 12x16 oil on panel

Dancing to some of the Grammy sounds while painting and framing work for my show in March.
I must confess to watching some of last night's Grammy awards, which I hardly ever do, but hey…sometimes you just need to get hip. Right?
Now, Ms Bey was quite, ahem, provocative….but I hung in there to see one of my favorite pops songs performed call "Royals".
I then had to get to Downtown Abbey, so enough said.
The Washington Post told me that I did not miss much, except a few weddings?! Really?
And, I really like Chicago a whole lot better without Robin Thicke, thank you. Let him blur his own lines.

While much of my work is impressionistically rendered, as I paint, more energy is generated and things start to get a little more abstract after hours standing at the easels, shifting to and fro as I work on more than one at a time. This is what was born this evening as I was winding down for the day. 

I called it Gardener's Blues.  
I hope to include it in my show. We shall see.

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