Friday, January 10, 2014

Still Life with Cake by Cathyann Burgess

No Year's Resolution©2014 C.L.Burgess 8x16 oil on canvas  $385

OK.  I see many people vowing to give up stuff or begin a new resolve "for a better me etc." for the new year.
But really, I am not one to do that...make resolutions to do anything, because inevitably they fall by the wayside soon enough. Or perhaps is my inclination to break rules rather than create them. Whatever.
So, while painting this yummy coconut cake one day, the title came to me, since when I began was just before the end of the year and traditionally, the time to start scaling back on the festivities, parties and general indulgences allowed.
I say to heck with that!
Eat cake!
This is not a dress rehearsal. Life is enhanced by the comforts of a good cup of Joe and the oh so sweet taste of coconut frosting once in a while.

Happy New year to you all! Resolve to enjoy life....cook, eat, laugh, paint!
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