Monday, June 30, 2014

Making a splash #10 Adrift in Blues by Cathyann Burgess

Adrift in Blues - unfinished watercolor- an image prompt and metaphor 12 x 15

So "making a splash"series is keeping me in that area of discomfort enough to want to keep at it.
Not all days involve "play"-ful attitude. Some are just filled with dogged perseverance.
I feel like the person in the boat….hanging in there as the storm approaches, certain I will come through the rough patches, land is in sight but it might take a 'white knuckle' while.

I read somewhere in my research that watercolor is the easiest of mediums. Not sure I agree. Or, it could be that my oil painter's inclination to hamfistedness is preventing me from letting the water flow as it will, naturally.
Impatience begets mistakes, er, happy accidents?, new discoveries?
I find I ache for abstraction, the simple essence of my perceptions to come out on the page, which is why I chose to work in watercolor again.

Anyway, this image will undergo change. Of that I am certain.
There are some good things going on,
just not enough yet.

Come back later and see.

I am hanging on for the ride.
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