Monday, September 22, 2014

A Higher Altitude - Landscape by Cathyann Burgess

A Higher Altitude ©2014 C.L.Burgess acrylic on canvas 20 x 30

I am…..
Up to my neck in boxes, paintings around my studio floor, people coming and going in and out of my house inspecting, assessing, oohing and ahhing, calling for "last supper dates" and buying my art before THE move to the mountains of NC. That is what I am up to.

 I had to stop and breathe…and paint.. to let my anxiety go….and try to maintain my  sanity when moving at warp speed.
So, instead of popping a Zanax, I popped out color on my palette…acrylics, because my oils are in a moving container.
 I started with nothing in mind except the song…"ain't no mountain high enough" mountains it is - in the abstract. Blue for clarity and open sky, Purple because I like it , and last , some energetic strokes in the heat of pinks and yellow to counter the coolness.

20 x 30 entitled  A Higher Altitude

Now back to sea level to continue wrapping it all up.
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