Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Carolina on my mind…New digs… by artist Cathyann Burgess

Facebook asked where I was and what I was up to and why was I not posting often enough.
My friend in Nebraska asked: What? Is FB my mother?

Well the answer or rather, my answer is that I have been in transit now for about a month or so.
House sold in one day in VA. Movers came and packed us up and brought the stuff here to Hendersonville NC, a few weeks later. Hubby and I unpacked boxes for about two weeks then headed off to the ocean for a break to be with friends. Was that ever great and much needed!

Now, it is back to the reality of unpacking our belongings, which btw, we tried to shed much of, but much to our dismay, kept way too much of.
So, now I am giving away stuff like crazy, only to find myself wandering new shops to replace old with new. What gives with that anyway? Less is more I keep telling myself. And in many ways it is.
But the old stuff just doesn't feel right in the new place. And the new place is begging for color and more stuff, different stuff.
Ahh, the problems of the first world as my son , the cynic keeps telling me. And he is right.
Relatively speaking, I have no problems. I love where I now reside. A small town instead of the big city. Mountains to look at instead of forest. Endless skies much like the western skies in the heartland. Only now in the Blue Ridge of western North Carolina. Life is good.

The photo above of my current 'future studio' space. I miss my old one. I had 6 years of peace and creativity there. I plan to have some here too. But I suspect that much of my time will be en plein air as the area affords such lovely vistas.

I am aching to paint inside or out….but I have to find my canvases! I managed this little watercolor called 'before the frost' with my handy back of travel paints. Because as most of us know, frost is definitely on the way!

Back to the unpacking and search.
Until then, my friends and followers, please enjoy my past work herein and visit my website until I am back with newer work.
I appreciate your interest, comments and patronage.

Stay tuned.

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