Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Plein air Nightfall: Ever-changing Sky #2 by Cathyann Burgess

Ever-changing Sky 2©2015  C.L.Burgess oil on panel

Happy New year! This is the first painting I have done this new year. Same view off my deck as the former two posts. Quicker capture as the sun began to go down. We have spectacular skies tonight. the starts feel as though you can reach out an touch them.
Primary colors plus a bit of grey is all that was used here. Palette knife helped my lay in my observations/impressions in less than 15 minutes…baby, it's cold outside!
I hope to do this each night in some way oils / pastels whatever is handy. You can see that this painting was not as deliberate as the last one. Lots of scraping and scumbling here then the last thick lay in of the heat near the mountain edges. Fun! Pushing towards abstraction a bit more, too. Just essentials.
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