Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sun Dancing: Remembrance

The Sun Dance©2015 C.L.Burgess

Sometimes a little play is called forth to wash away the blues.

Remembering the friends we lost this week, their families who mourn, and others as they pass from this earth slowly. A toast to their life with us and the promise that they rest in peace.

I found a piece of printmaking paper that had  a ghost image on it and decided to use the composition for this energetic pastel drawing. I was very sad about a friend's illness and another who passed recently. What I really wanted was to slash away mindlessly but in the end took control and birthed these flowers from my mind's eye instead. How lucky to be able to channel grief to a positive end. It was a prayer of sorts rather than anger.
A friend reminded me of how Manet used his last days to paint the flowers his friends brought to him as he lay dying. What a gift that was from her, to tie me to the larger family of artistry to which I am fortunate to belong.

The Sun Dance
pastel drawing on paper
14 x 20
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