Sunday, September 13, 2015

Within a day; two plein air pastels

 1. Mountain Music2015C.L.Burgess 9x12 pastel
2. Nightfall on the French Broad 2015C.L.Burgess 4x10 pastel

1.Wonderful day spent yesterday up at The Blue Ridge Assembly grounds in Black Mountain. 
This is one of the works I was able to complete. The site was grand! The skies moody and constantly changing to add to the challenge of painting onsite. One superb morning indeed!

2. Quick study of the sky en plein air the evening after the top painting. 
This little gem is 4 x 10"soft pastel on sanded paper. Funny how on Tuesday, a plein air took three hours of considered looking and deliberation and this took about 20 minutes. I guess that is the value of working onsite, after a while only the essentials are necessary for some subjects. You cannot do this from a photo. 
Experience out of doors is necessary to understand color and atmosphere. Which of course one can bring into the knowledge base in the studio, however, nothing beats 'being there'.
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