Friday, November 13, 2015

Just Thinkin' and Sayin'

                                 Marsh Madness ©2015 C.L.Burgess  8x6 soft pastels on uart400

So today I will post my 600th image on my blog.

 Amazing to me that I have actually created more than that. What I want to underscore is that while not all the images are framable or even desirable, they represent the 10,000 plus hours put into working at my art.

I am not alone.
Most artists who find success and even some who don't, do put in a whole lot of time before they ever see any outward reward, financial or otherwise.
But I can swear that the intrinsic payoff is enormous and heartening. Often enough there are those of us artists who at one time or another have been discouraged by others or our inner critic enough to just give up.
But basically I have found that perseverance and belief that "I can rather than can't" has to become a mantra which will become a habit. A productive creative habit.
And therein lies why I am posting #600 at my blog.

Ever grateful for your continued support for the 'can do' spirit in me.

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