Thursday, November 24, 2016

Marking Time

Marking Time
12x12 pastel on Uart400
©2016 C.L.Burgess

Thanks giving and Searching for beauty in a noisy world....
I am reading Beauty, the Invisible Embrace by John O' Donohue
I am thankful today for the quiet to re read some of its passages. Pick it up and take a look at it for nourishment. Blaise Pascal is quoted within, saying to us from another century "In difficult times you should always carry something beautiful in your minds."
As an artist, I find myself for ever thanking the Divine for our capacity to go within and come forward with imagination and the means to express it, where words fail. I have begun to shape that thought process into abstract images lately. Some are in oil and some in pastel and mixed media. Looking outside the safety of representaional art is freeing but frightening at the same time. The issue is trust and faith in being on the edge of unknown territory and willing to take a leap.

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