Monday, January 30, 2017

Landscape in Acrylic : A Moment of Grace

A Moment of Grace©2017 C.L.Burgess
Available at Asheville Gallery of Art

Often when I speak with other painters, they share the notion that sometimes, when we are so focused on the creative act, it appears that we are just an instrument, like the brush or palette knife we wield. That somehow when the work is complete, you are aware of some power that you were part of,  but not truly the director. I look at those times as moments of grace. Hence the title of this image.

This is my newest large piece. It is a work in acrylic derived from a plein air sketch I did last year of the skies right outside my home in Western North Carolina. The Blue Ridge is truly blue at times. I never take this ability to see for granted.
Peace and grace infuse my being when being in the outdoors, witnessing the magic and majesty of the land and sky. This, only a moment to be remembered forever.

I often listen to talk radio or lectures on YouTube while I paint. Of late, I have been enchanted with the works of the late John O'Donohue.
I wish I can remember who it was that got me to listen to him or know of his books. I am ever grateful to this unknown person( I suspect another artist online). The one book I own is called Beauty:The Invisible Embrace. The interview that I often listen too is from NPR's On Being with Krista Tippett.  I am grateful to be able to have my studio haven graced with his voice.
As we are witness to so much global and domestic tumult lately, I especially regard his words as opportunities to become still and listen deeply, and in that stillness allow the human capacity for creation to emerge, making connection to the larger spirit that envelops us. The call to nourish our spirit with the beautiful whether in words, film, painting, dance, nature is of utmost necessity. It is where hope lies.

As I close my thougts this morning, I wish to proffer one more person's viewpoint about what artistic endeavors can provide for us.
When I was a public school art teacher, I was inspired by the writings of Edmund Burke Feldman, Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor of Art at the University of Georgia.  He was revered by many an art student teacher. His writings on the experience of art, on the philosophy of art, and history of art are legendary.
Becoming Human Through Art was a tome on the aesthetic experience. 
The title alone is enough to get ones synapses firing, isn't it? 

A Moment of Grace can be seen and purchased at Asheville Gallery of Art, Asheville NC.

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