Thursday, February 01, 2018

Just Enough Blue: pastel landscape

       Just Enough Blue   Pastel on sanded paper
       ©️2018 C.L.Burgess      Asheville Gallery of Art

Do you ever think about how one titles a painting? As an artist, I get asked that question often. 
And I have no one pat answer or formula to help me decide. Most often it comes to me after the painting is finished or in the act itself, a notion pops up. This is how this work was named.
Funny, the moments one recalls. 
Since I spend much of my time in contemplative, solitary sacred space in my studio, I often think of the people who have departed this life yet live on in me through sweet memories. I really liked as well as loved my father in law.
He passed over 30 years ago, and came alive to me with his kind smile as I painted this scene of one of the many fields and farms where I now live. Rog Sr. loved going for walks with us and his grandchildren and traveling in general. He lived in Syracuse N.Y. which can have some pretty bleak days weather wise much of the year, so on the days where blue peaked through the clouds of upstate N.Y. he would remark “just enough blue today to make a Dutchman his pants”.  Hence the choice for my title.

Makes me smile. And I think he would have also.
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